Litigation & Workplace Relations Services

At Karen Ansen Consulting, we are driven by resolving complex workplace and legal issues with pragmatism and timeliness.  We offer a range of Litigation and Workplace Relations services to cater to all situations.


Fair Work Commission Representation

We represent both employers and employees at the Fair Work Commission and are highly experienced in unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination, bullying and harassment, underpayment of wages and workplace right matters. We have proven success in mitigating risk and optimising legal outcomes for clients.

Workplace Investigations

We conduct internal workplace investigations for employers to resolve complex workplace matters. We interview parties, prepare a report outlining the findings and provide recommendations to mitigate future risk. We are able to provide coaching and mentoring and oversee the process to enable leaders to upskill their employees.

Performance Management, Mediation and Conflict Resolution

We undertake performance management processes to ensure compliance and resolve complex issues. Highly experienced in this area, we are flexible and adjust our approach as needed to undertake performance management. We consider the bigger picture of the issue and ensure procedural fairness. We can lead or mentor leaders through mediation or termination procedures to minimise legal risk and preserve the workplace relationship as best as practicable.

Compliance Documents

We work with organisations to design, develop and implement employment contracts and policies and procedures. We ensure that they comply with relevant legislation and are customised to you organisations branding and values. We conduct audits to identify gaps and provide recommendations and action plans to ensure ongoing compliance.

Enterprise Agreement Negotiation and Bargaining, Union Relationship Management

We draft and negotiate enterprise agreements through to approval and consult and manage with the Union to create a stress-free process. We manage ongoing Union relationships to keep the workplace relationship intact.

Organisational Change, Restructure and Redundancy

We assist with restructures, redeployment and retrenchment and provide strategies and recommendations based on your organisational goals. We conduct workforce consultation, transition and engagement strategies during periods of change and advise on the implications for redundancy liabilities and industrial instrument coverage.

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